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What Can I Offer You?

There are a lot of agents in the real estate world, here is what I offer that others don't.


20 years of coaching 

As a kid I always went with my mom to different appointments. Listing appointments, home inspections, and even closings. I have been surrounded by the business for most of my life. Now, I am working side by side with one of the best agents in the business. My mom is my coach, mentor, and now even my broker. You can trust that all the options I coach you through are supported by a seasoned agent. 

Marketing & Sales Degree

I have completed a Master of Science Business Management with a concentration in marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a concentration in sales. I stay up to date on the latest tools, trends, and applications. I use my education as the foundation for positioning my clients in the buying and selling process. 

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Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

Did you know there is a difference between someone who is an agent and a Realtor? Realtors have a higher level of training and are held to a rigorous code of ethics. You can feel confident knowing that I am not only licensed by the state, but I am also recognized by and sworn in at the local chapter of the the National Association of Realtors.

Drone Photography

Listings with drone photos sell listings 68% faster than those without.


I take my own drone photos of every home. This allows buyers to see every angle of the exterior of the house, and provides a view point of yards, views, and features of a home that you wouldn't typically see standing on the ground. A study from 2020 found buyers spend 60% of their time looking at the photos of a listing and only spend 20% of their time reading home descriptions.  



Matterport Virtual Walkthrough

Providing virtual walkthroughs is a standard practice for all my listings. You can even view an example here.

This is more than a slideshow of some photos, my virtual tours are in depth and interactive. This is just one of the many tools I use to market your home. A Matterport scan can often be done in less than a few hours, and a recent study shows that 88% of buyers will use a virtual tour prior to a home buying decision.  


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